"My skin improved so much in just a couple of weeks after taking Betty’s advice. I’d been struggling for what felt like forever trying to find a solution to the redness in my cheeks and the spots that I was seeing pop up. Finally, my complexion is looking clear and feeling smooth. I don’t wear as much makeup anymore and feel more confident. It’s really amazing how much she helped me and the impact it had on my life. I’ll continue to see her – I can’t wait to see how clear my skin will get!”

– A.L.

"I was immediately drawn to Betty when I read her business profile on Healing NL's website directory. I was also very curious about the BioScanSRT services she offers.

The intention of my first appointment with Betty was to explore the emotional imbalances I may have had through the BioScanSRT technology. I immediately felt at home with Betty as she explained how it worked. After the gentle scanning and subsequent rebalancing, I had a full report printed out on which emotions had been causing me issues. It was very validating for what I had been experiencing recently and even the emotional patterns I've noticed throughout my life. 

I was tired after that first session, which is normal for me after any kind of energy or body work, but after a nap, I felt quite good! Emotionally, I was very calm and felt able to handle whatever came my way. This was weeks ago and I still feel good!

On my second appointment, we scanned for reactions to foods, and I received more validation. I had some success earlier in the year when I went on the Whole30 program, which eliminates grains and legumes on the basis that these foods create inflammatory reactions in certain people, and those were the exact things that the BioScanSRT picked up as reactionary for me! So I no longer need to question what it is that causes me issues. 

And the best part is that with continued sessions, the reactions diminish, so there is reason to believe I'll be able to enjoy one of my old favourite treats - a chocolate croissant!

I'm so thankful for Betty and the work she does, clearly with love, and with passion for helping others live their best life through wellness. 

I look forward to continuing my work with her as I enjoy the growing health and freedom in my life that comes with these sessions."

– M.P.

“From the time I step into Betty’s office/treatment room, I feel welcome and secure. Her warm, caring, and quiet demeanour immediately puts me at ease, and I know I’ll feel much better when I leave. I have regular appointments and I don’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.

For years now, I have trusted Betty’s knowledge and wisdom and followed her advice on many health issues. I am proud to say that at the golden age of 62, I am totally free of prescription drugs and have not been diagnosed with normal ailments for my age group, i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gland or diabetes issues, etc. When the nurse was checking me in for a colonoscopy recently, she was surprised that I had no medications to report. She said, ‘you must be doing something right so keep on doing it’. I was quick to tell her about Betty, and she (the nurse) was quick to jot down some of the information I shared with her!

 I have received Reiki as well as Raindrop technique treatments on both my feet and back. The essential oils that Betty uses in these procedures have a calming effect, both physically and mentally. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and wear customized orthotic insoles. However, they would be useless if I didn’t follow it up with regular treatments with Betty.  She sincerely cares about my health and well-being.

Recently, I’ve been participating in a “feel-better” program using the Bio-Scan. This scan is in no way invasive, and Betty and I can chat while the program is processing. The resulting data collected by the scan is very precise in determining what’s going on inside my body. Did you ever say to yourself , ‘I don’t feel right, but I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong’, finding it difficult to explain to your doctor? Well, this bio-scan might be the answer for you too!  It can pinpoint what ails you and it can proceed to help you feel better. Personally, it has opened my eyes to things that I didn’t know existed, but, more importantly, it makes me feel better!!”

– C.P.S.

“I feel better the moment I enter Betty’s office! Her kind, steady demeanour is calming to the soul, and I always feel so much better after my appointment. I recently had an appointment with Betty using the BioScanner; it illuminated areas of my health that were in balance, and those that were out of balance. My absolute favourite part of going to Betty is when she prepares for my reiki treatment and tucks me in that bed! I feel such beautiful warmth, I feel better before she even begins! Thank you for everything Betty!”

– A.D.